Converting UK and JAA Licences and Ratings to Part FCL

Guidance for commercial and private pilots


European (EU) legislation has changed pilot licensing rules and national licences will no longer be valid once the EASA transition periods are over.

JAA licences issued by the UK CAA will also be converted to Part FCL Licences.
When any JAR-FCL licence, or UK (non-JAR) licence containing a Part-FCL aircraft rating, is submitted to the CAA for amendment, it will have to be converted to a Part-FCL licence and re-printed as such.

This means that you will also need to pay a licence conversion fee if you are applying to make a change to a licence that has not yet been converted.

Conversion Reports are still to be finalised in respect of Banner Towing, Mountain Ratings and Flight Test rating. Our website will be updated accordingly when further information is available.

Please note that due to recent EASA changes we may be required to ask for additional information in regards to ratings that you hold. This may be requested when your application is being assessed.

Conversion of PPL (Balloons and Airships) or CPL (Balloons) to LAPL(B) or BPL

Information regarding the conversion of Balloon licences is detailed in CAP 804 Section4 Part P.
Further requirements regarding this are still to be finalised in respect of the conversion of the classes of existing balloons and airships.

Who can apply

You will need to convert your licence if you have a:

UK (non-JAR) licence containing an EASA Part-FCL aircraft rating
JAA licence issued by the CAA

How to apply

Contact us

Licensing Department
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South