Apply for a Language Proficiency Endorsement (for licences issued after 17 September 2012)

How to get a language proficiency endorsement for your licence.


Since 5 March 2008 ICAO has required the following people to be proficient in their command of the languages that they use for radio communication:

- all pilots of aeroplanes, helicopters, airships and powered lift aircraft

- all flight navigators who use radiotelephony equipment in aircraft

- all air traffic controllers

Language proficiency is assessed on a scale of 1 to 6, with Level 6 being the standard of an expert speaker of the language. ICAO requires the minimum standard for a licence holder to be Level 4.

Licence holders assessed as Level 4 or 5 shall be re-tested periodically but this is not required for people assessed as Level 6.

PART-ARA specifies that the Language Proficiency level and validity must be stated on a Part-FCL licence. This means that UK pilots must hold a valid English Language Proficiency level before they can be issued with a PART-FCL licence. English Language proficiency must be assessed as Level 4 or higher before any EASA licence requiring such proficiency is used.

Although not all pilots require a Language Proficiency assessment, it is recommended. The pilots that are exempt from a Language Proficiency assessment are holders of, sailplane or balloon licences, UK NPPL (M) UK PPL (M), UK PPL (G). Unless they hold a UK FRTOL.

A UK FRTOL held by a licence holder or for the issue of a UK FRTOL will not be acceptable unless and until the applicant has a valid endorsement of English Language Proficiency at Level 4, 5 or 6.

For more information see CAP804, section 4, PART M.


You must demonstrate at least an operational level of language proficiency both in the use of phraseologies and plain language (Level 4), by meeting one of the following testing requirements:

    At the Radiotelephony Test

    During the practical test for the UK FRTOL an Examiner who has Level 6 proficiency in English and is authorised by the CAA as an English Language Assessor, will assess your proficiency in English.

    At a Flight Test

    Type Rating Examiners (TREs), Flight Examiners (FEs) and Class Rating Examiners (CREs), who are proficient at Level 6 in English and  authorised by the CAA as English Language Assessors, can assess language proficiency of existing holders of licences issued by the UK CAA (Part-FCL or national) as part of the licence proficiency check that is conducted for the revalidation or renewal of a rating or certificate.

    Through a Language School

    You can choose to be tested by a language school provided that the school is approved by or is acceptable to the CAA for the purpose of language assessment. 
    At a Training Organisation (ATO)

    Many CAA approved ATOs offer language training modules that meet the requirements of Part-FCL.055 as part of an overall training package. Language proficiency can be determined by this means provided that the school is approved by the CAA for the purpose.

    A list of training organisations and language schools acceptable to the CAA for assessing language proficiency can be found in Standards document 31(Organisations conducting approved courses of flight and Ground Training).

If you hold If you hold a UK FRTOL it will not be valid unless you have a valid endorsement of language proficiency at Level 4, 5 or 6.


The fee can vary depending on whether;

  • you already hold a UK licence, and if so, whether it has already been converted to an EASA-FCL licence,
  • your application relating to Language Proficiency is made at the same time as applying for something else.

Applications to amend the Language Proficiency licence endorsement require a payment of £20 to update and re-issue the flight crew licence. 

The Fee Calculator will show you the price for the type of application you are making.

More information is available in the Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

  • We endeavour to process licence applications within 10 working days. Incomplete applications are not subject to the 10 working day turnaround until all application requirements are met.

Validity period

  • "Operational Level” (ICAO Level 4) shall be re-tested every 4 years.
  • “Extended Level” (ICAO Level 5) shall be re-tested every 6 years
  • “Expert Level” (ICAO Level 6) does not require retesting.

EASA-FCL licences have no expiry date and are therefore valid for the holder’s lifetime.  

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

For assessments completed in association with a Skill Test, Proficiency Check, Assessment of Competence of Flight Radio Practical Test:

  • you must supply the appropriate Examiners Report, completed by the examiner, that confirms you have demonstrated proficiency at Level 6

For assessments not completed in association with a flight test:

  • you must send the Application for Record of English Language assessment (form SRG1199) and supporting material as applicable for your circumstances and the type of application; as per the guidance attached to each application form

How to apply

Once all of the requirements above have been met, the application should be submitted by post or in person to the address below. 

What to expect

  • A desk based assessment from a Flight Crew Licensing Officer or Assistant.  
  • Following an acceptable assessment your licence will be processed signed and despatched.  
  • We will contact you if we have any queries regarding your application and may keep your application pending while the additional requirements are met.
  • An assessment and refund fee may be charged if the UK CAA rejects your application for not meeting all of the requirements.  
    This will also be applied if you choose cancel your application.  

Please note that some people who are convertingan existing licence to an EASA licence may also require a national licence to fly Annexe II aircraft (Aircraft not on the EASA Type List).  This process is undertaken by the Licensing Officer who assesses your application

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