Apply for or renew an exemption under Article 14(4) of EC Regulation 216/2008 or from the Air Navigation Order

Making an initial application for an exemption under Article 14(4) of EC Regulation 216/2008 or from the Air Navigation Order (CAP 393).


Article 14(4) Exemptions: When properly justified Regulation (EC) 216/2008 Article 14(4) allows the member states to consider granting an exemption from the compliance with mandatory requirements in the event of unforeseen urgent operational circumstances or operational needs of a limited duration, provided the level of safety is not adversely affected.

ANO Exemption: When properly justified the Air Navigation Order allows the UK CAA to consider granting an exemption for national aircraft subject to conditions


  • Aircraft must be registered in the UK or have an allocated registration mark in the UK.

    Note: Exemption will only be issued once the aircraft is registered
  • An organisation must hold a UK CAA approval for exemption requests against organisational requirements


  • The cost of issuing an Exemption against requirements of the Air Navigation Order is £791 per application.
  • The cost of issuing an Exemption in accordance with Article 14(4) of Regulation (EC) 216/2008 is £791 per application

In the case of discrepancies, the CAA Scheme of Charges ORS 5, Scheme of Charges refers and will be the definitive charge

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

The service standard for the issue of an exemption is 10 working days from receipt of a completed application and appropriate fee.

Validity period

The validity period will be assessed and granted according to individual case circumstances

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

  • A completed online application form together with the appropriate fee.

If the exemption request is for a fleet of aircraft, please provide details of the aircraft fleet(s) i.e. aircraft type(s). This information can be provided in a text box or by uploading a document when completing the form.

If the exemption is a repeat exemption, please provide the previous exemption number.

For Article 14(4) exemptions (as per Basic Regulation (EC) 216/2008), please state whether the exemption is sought to meet one of these reasons:

  • Unforeseen urgent operational circumstances;
  • Operational needs of a limited duration

For Article 14(4) Exemptions and ANO exemptions, please provide full details of the reason for the application.

You will also need to define how the level of safety is not adversely affected and advise what mitigating measures are put in place, if any.

Supporting documentation, if applicable can be uploaded when completing the form.  For example:

  • Type Certificate Holder (TCH) supporting documentation
  • Copy of Airworthiness Directive / Mandatory Permit Directive
  • Rectification plan

How to apply

What to expect

  • Your fee will be processed and your application will be passed to the appropriate person in a CAA regional office, Aircraft Certification or other area for assessment.
  • The appropriate person will assess the application and may contact the applicant to request further supporting information.
  • Once the application has been assessed, if the exemption can be granted, a letter and exemption approval will be produced and sent to the applicant.

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