Apply for an Overflight Exemption

How to apply


An exemption may be issued in the following circumstances where the aircraft does not hold a valid Certificate of Airworthiness or is on a temporary registration.

Please review the existing general exemptions to check applicability.

If not applicable you should apply for one of the following exemptions:

  • Article 3 exemption – aircraft has a non ICAO compliant registration only
  • Article 16 exemption - aircraft has ICAO compliant registration but non ICAO compliant airworthiness certificate;
  • Article 3 & 16 exemptions - aircraft has non ICAO compliant registration and non ICAO compliant airworthiness certificate


  • The aircraft must hold a registration (may be temporary) and an airworthiness certificate to be eligible to apply. 
  • The aircraft must be insured.


  • A charge of £64 is applicable for the issue of an Article 16 and Article 3 & 16 Exemption within Service Standard.
  • At present there is no fee for the issue of an Article 3 Exemption only.

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

  • The service standard for the issue of  the exemption is 5 working days from receipt of the completed application and fee (if applicable) 

Validity period

  • The exemption shall be valid for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 month period.
  • This may be a single block of 28 days or split into smaller periods.
  • Requests for exemptions in excess of 28 days will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

  • Aircraft Registration, Type and Serial Number (a copy of the Certificate of Registration or equivalent must be supplied)
  • Details of the purpose of flight
  • Proposed Start and End dates for the Exemption
  • Entry and exit locations if the flight involves landing in the UK
  • Details of the airworthiness certificate  and any associated Operating Limitations ( a copy of these documents must be supplied)
  • Details of the valid insurance for the aircraft detailing compliance with EC 785/2004 (a copy of the valid insurance must be supplied)

In addition, you may  be required to supply:

If the airworthiness certificate is non expiring:

  • A copy of the latest maintenance statement for the aircraft

For Flight Testing in the UK

  • Details of the flight crew (written confirmation from the aircraft State of Registry, that the named flight crew are acceptable for the prescribed purpose)
  • Written confirmation from the State of Registry that the Flight Test Schedule is acceptable for the prescribed purpose
  • If applicable, written confirmation from the OEM/STC holder that the Flight Test Schedule is acceptable for the prescribed purpose. 

How to apply

What to expect

  • Upon receipt of a correctly completed application and fee the application shall be reviewed and if satisfactory, the Exemption issued within 5 working days.  

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