Approval for Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure

Application for the Approval for Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure


An aerodrome licence condition requires that changes in the physical characteristics of the aerodrome, including the erection of new buildings and alterations to existing buildings or visual aids, shall not be made without the prior approval of the CAA.  The purpose of this is to ensure that the CAA is satisfied that such changes meet licensing criteria and do not present a safety hazard.  Failure to notify the CAA of changes may leave the aerodrome vulnerable to costly remedial action or operational restrictions.

Projects that involve changes to the aerodrome fall into three categories:

  • Development - Where new or upgraded infrastructure is to be provided.  Examples include new buildings or extensions to buildings, aerodrome infrastructure (such as taxiways and aprons), visual aids and navigation aids.  Developments are classified as 'major' or 'minor'  
  • Changes - Where existing aerodrome infrastructure or physical characteristics are being changed; for example reconfiguration of stands, changes to the runway or declared distances.

  • Maintenance - Where existing infrastructure is being repaired, refurbished or replaced to ensure continuance but without changing the characteristics of the piece of infrastructure.

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