EASA Part 145 Approval

Guidance for maintenance organisations


Regulation EC 2042/2003 details the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to EASA regulation.

Part 145 concerns the maintenance of EASA aircraft used for Commercial Air Transport (CAT), or aircraft classified as a “Large Aircraft”.

Definition of Large Aircraft: an Aeroplane with a Maximum Take-off mass of more than 5700kg, or a multi-engine Helicopter.

Aircraft not classified as “Large Aircraft” and not used for CAT purposes can also be maintained by an approved Part 145 Maintenance Organisation.

Who can apply

An organisation, located in the UK, that wishes to carry out maintenance of EASA aircraft and components primarily used for commercial air transport purposes as well as those defined in the regulation as ‘large aircraft’.

Organisations located outside the UK, including the Channel Islands, should apply directly to EASA.

How to apply

Please Note:

Organisations needing to change a Registered Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Number will require a new initial approval as it cannot be classed as a change to an existing approval.  See CAP 562, Leaflet C-30 for further information.

Approval Validity Period

Organisation approvals are non-expiring, however this is subject to a continuation recommendation every 24 months from the date of issue. This is raised by the CAA Surveyor following a satisfactory audit programme.

If adding an aircraft which falls within a generic aircraft group that you already hold on your approval certificate (e.g. Piston engine aeroplanes – metal structure not exceeding 5700 kg) then you should supply an exposition amendment directly to your surveyor. No fee or application form is required.  

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