Language Proficiency

Guidance for Flight Crew Licence holders


Since 5 March 2008, ICAO has required the following people to be proficient in their command of the languages that they use for radio communication:

- all pilots of aeroplanes, helicopters, airships and powered lift aircraft

- all flight navigators who use radiotelephony equipment in aircraft

- all air traffic controllers

Language proficiency is assessed on a scale of 1 to 6, with Level 6 being the standard of an expert speaker of the language. ICAO requires the minimum standard for a licence holder to be Level 4.

Licence holders assessed as Level 4 or 5 shall be re-tested periodically but this is not required for people assessed as Level 6.

PART-ARA specifies that the Language Proficiency level and validity must be stated on a Part-FCL licence. This means that UK pilots must hold a valid English Language Proficiency level before they can be issued with a PART-FCL licence. English Language proficiency must be assessed as Level 4 or higher before any EASA licence requiring such proficiency is used.

Endorsements must show the language, the proficiency level and the validity date.

English Language Proficiency is required for the issue of a UK FRTOL

For more information see CAP804, section 4, PART M.

Who can apply

Any UK Flight crew licence holder who has been assessed in accordance the requirements of the UK CAA

How to apply

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