Verify a Renumbered Pilot licence

This form should be used to apply for verification of a renumbered licence issued by the UK CAA after 17 September 2012 for the re-issue of a FAA validation (FAR 61.75 Certificate)


The new European Aircrew Regulation (Commission Regulation EU 1178/2011) prescribes the license format for all European Union Member States. As a result of this format change, pilots’ license numbers in European Union (EU) Member States have changed (in the United Kingdom the change is from UK to GBR).

The renumbered licenses have render FAA pilot certificates (validation) issued on the basis of a foreign license (14 CFR Part 61.75) invalid since the FAA certificates(validation) were originally issued on the basis of the individuals existing pilot license number issued under UK national or JAR-FCL requirements .

Under current standard procedures, pilots who wish to have their FAA certificates reissued are required to travel to an FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) in the United States to comply with the FAA requirement for verifiable identification of each certificate holder or applicant. Recognising the difficulties that this will present to European pilots, the FAA’s Flight Standards Service has decided to grant a deviation from its standard reissuance practice. This allows the pilot to attend the UK CAA in person with the required documentation and fee. The UK CAA will then verify your information to the FAA, who will then issue a new FAA pilot certificates (validation).


  • For UK flight crew licence holders who hold a FAA pilot certificates (validation) issued on the basis of this licence and have had their UK licence reissued and renumbered after 17th September 2013


  • Verification Fee of £44

Please see the Scheme of Charges for full details.

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

  • We endeavour to process applications and verify your details to the FAA in 10 working days from receipt.
  • Incomplete applications are not subject to the 10 working day turnaround until all application requirements are met.

Validity period


Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

  • Completed form SRG 2110
  • Details of your previous FAR 61.75 certificate.
  • Official photographic ID bearing your signature.
  • A utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill with your address on it.
  • The verification fee.

How to apply

  • Once all of the requirements above have been met, you must apply in person at the CAA's Public Counter at the address shown below.
  • Your application will be returned should you not attend in person.

What to expect

  • Your application and documentation will be assessed and verified at our Public Counter.
  • The UK CAA will verify your information to the FAA within 10 working days.

Contact us

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