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Application information for pilots


If you have an EASA pilots licence, you can extend the privileges of your licence by adding a night rating.

This allows you to fly in Visual Flying Rules (VFR) conditions at night, provided that this rating remains valid and you have met the flying recency requirements detailed in FCL.060.

Please note that If you are the holder of an existing UK issued JAR Flight Crew licence which has not already been converted to a Part-FCL licence, then the conversion process will take place when you apply for a night rating. This will require you to send us additional information.

Please see our information about licence conversions for more details.


Aeroplanes, TMGs, Airships

You must have completed a training course at an ATO that includes:

  • theoretical knowledge instruction
  • 5 hours of flight time in the appropriate aircraft category at night, including at least 3 hours of dual instruction, including at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation with at least one dual cross-country flight of at least 50 km
  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings.

Before completing the training at night, LAPL holders must have completed the basic instrument flight training required for the issue of the PPL.

If you hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane (land) and a TMG class rating, they may complete the requirements above in either class or both classes.


To fly with a PPL for helicopters in VFR conditions at night, you must have completed:

  • at least 100 hours of flight time as pilot in helicopters after the issue of the licence, including at least 60 hours as PIC on               helicopters and 20 hours of cross-country flight;
  • a training course at an ATO. The course must be completed within a period of 6 months and include:
    • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction,
    • 10 hours of helicopter dual instrument instruction time,
    • 5 hours of flight time at night, including at least 3 hours of dual instruction, including at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation,
    • 5 solo night circuits.

If you hold or have held an IR in an aeroplane or TMG, you will be credited with 5 hours towards the requirement of 10 hours of helicopter dual instrument instruction time.


To fly with a LAPL for balloons, or a BPL, in VFR conditions at night, you must complete at least 2 instruction flights at night lasting at least 1 hour each.



  • £88

Please note that additional fees may apply if this licensing action results in the conversion of your licence and a validity check of the ratings on a PART FCL licence.

No fee is payable if the UK CAA is receiving this for information purposes.

See the Scheme of charges (Personnel Licensing) table 6 page 6 for more details.

An additional fee applies if you want your documents to be returned by secure courier.

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

  • We endeavour to process licence applications within 10 working days. Incomplete applications are not subject to the 10 working day turnaround until all application requirements are met.

Validity period

  • The Night rating is valid for life

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

  • A completed online application form if you are applying for the night rating at the same time as a private pilot licence
  • A fully completed application form SRG 1126 if making a 'standalone' application for the night rating

If you are applying on the basis of training completed by a non UK approved EASA Part ORA Approved Training Organisation we will also require a copy of the ATO's PART ORA approval certificate.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask for submission of original logbooks and other documentation when needed.

How to apply

To apply for a night rating as part of a Private Pilot Licence application

To make a standalone application for the night rating renew or revalidate an existing FRTOL

Once all of the requirements above have been met, your completed application form SRG 1126 should be submitted by post or in person to the address below.

What to expect

A desk based assessment from a Flight Crew Licensing Officer or Assistant.   Following an acceptable assessment your licence will be processed signed and despatched.   We will contact you if we have any queries regarding your application and may keep your application pending whilst the additional requirements are met.

An assessment and refund fee may be charged if the UK CAA rejects your application for not meeting all of the requirements.   This will also be applied if you choose to cancel your application.

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