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Search for an aircraft equipment approval by entering your search criteria into any number of the fields.Data Extracted: 28/08/2008 at 00:00

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Example search criteria

This table contains field descriptions and examples to demonstrate how to use this search facility.
Fields Brief Description Example
Equipment Category This is the type of the equipment - e.g. VOR, DME, ILS, etc… Type in VHF Comm for a listing of all approved equipment in this category.
Manufacturer Name This is the name of the manufacturer of the equipment and the holder of the approval. Type in Rockwell for all Rockwell Collins or Rockwell International approved equipment. NB: Typing in Rockwell Collins will exclude Rockwell International entries.
Master Type / Model No. This is the family series name or number of the approved equipment.
NB: In order to confirm that your equipment is approved, it is important to ensure that the number is detailed in the Part Number field.
Type in GNS430 for details on the Garmin VHF Comm/Nav/ GPS system. It is not necessary to include the space between GNS and 430 when searching on this field.
Part Number This is the specific number (detailed on the equipment) which is CAA Approved.

Open Bracket ( ) System
In some cases (especially on JTSO Authorisations and FAA Approval Letters) the Part Number includes an open bracket system - e.g. 011-00280-( ) This permits any combination of this Part Number structure to be approved. If the ( ) was replaced by XXX, this signifies any three digit variation. SEE EXAMPLES.
Given the example of 011-00280-( )
· 011-00280-123 would be covered by this part number structure.
· 011-00281-( ) would not be approved under this structure.

In the example of 011-00280-XXX
· 011-00280-123 would be covered by this part number structure.
· 011-00280-1234 would not be approved under this structure.
Approval No.

The BCAR or JTSO identifier (see equipment categories), which prefixes the approval’s unique numerical number. Select one from the drop down menu and in the adjacent box, type in the numerical number (up to 5 digits).

Approval Number prefixes are as follows:
E, AR, SA, WR, VC, LA1, LA3, G, Q for BCAR UK National Approvals (depending on the type of equipment and manufacturing location).

Using Approval No. LA300341
· Select LA3 from the drop down menu
· In the adjacent box either type 00341 or just 341