FCL Fee Calculator for holders, or applicants of UK Issued Flight Crew Licences

Welcome to the FCL Fee Calculator for use after 17 September 2012, for holders, or applicants of UK Issued Flight Crew Licences.


The calculator is in the process of being updated to cater for revised charges from 1 April 2014. Until the update completed the following adjustments should be made to the charge calculated.

The ratings check charge of £20 no longer applies. The initial issue charge for an EASA BPL or SPL is reduced from £185 down to £153. The FI issue charge including night privileges if applied for at the same time is reduced from £121 down to £89 for a private flight crew licence (PPL, NPPL or LAPL) holder only. The charge for a professional flight crew licence holder is unchanged.

This Fee calculator is intended to provide a guide on the applicable fee for the majority of Flight Crew Licensing applications received by Licensing and Training Standards. However, the calculator should be used as a guide only: the definitive fee for an application will be applied as per the Scheme of Charges. If you find that your particular application type is not covered, for example an application for an examiner qualification or validation, then please refer to the CAA Personnel Licensing Scheme of Charges (UK Official Record Series 5 No. 281). All NPPL applicants should refer to the Scheme of Charges - in particular, Note 3 relating to Tables 3 and 4 of the Scheme.