Make changes to an existing Maintenance Programme Approval

How to apply for a change or variation to an Aircraft Maintenance Progamme Approval


BCAR A7-5 and EASA Part M Subpart G refer to the need for owners and operators to ensure their aircraft are maintained to an approved maintenance programme to ensure the continuing airworthiness of those aircraft


Must already hold a maintenance programme approval from the UK CAA.

For organisations that have been granted the privilege of indirect approval there is no change to the current process for submitting maintenance programmes and amendments. Please refer to IN-2013/041 2.2.3



  • On making an application directly to the CAA for the approval of an amendment to the technical content of a maintenance schedule or programme, the applicant shall pay to the CAA a charge of £580
  • where an amendment is made to a maintenance programme or schedule to only add or remove aircraft registration marks and no other change to the technical content is made, a charge of £67 will apply
  • No charge shall be payable if the application is supported by an organisation holding a BCAR A8-25 approval or a UK CAA issued Part M subpart G or concerning amendments made in accordance with A6-1 or Part M M.A.302(c)
In the case of any discrepancies, the Official Record Series 5, CAA Scheme of Charges (Airworthiness, Noise Certification and Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Emissions) will be applied.

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

The regional office will begin assessment within 10 working days and approval will be granted when the programme amendment satisfactorily addresses the requirements

Validity period

The programme will remain approved unless suspended, cancelled or revoked

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

SRG 1753
SRG 1724
CAP 562
EASA website
ORS5 Scheme of Charges
CAP 553 for BCAR A7-5

You will need to provide

For EASA aircraft

  • Completed SRG 1753
  • Completed Maintenance Programme Amendment Approval Submission form,
  • Appendix 2 of Operators Maintenance Programme Compliance Check List form SRG 1724
  • Fee if applicable
  • Draft of the amended pages of the maintenance programme

For EASA Annex II aircraft

  • Completed SRG 1753
  • Completed CAP 562
  • Leaflet 5-40 if applicable
  • Draft of the amended pages of the maintenance programme

How to apply

  • Applicant completes application pack;
  • SRG 1753 and any applicable fee
  • Maintenance Programme Amendment Approval Submission SRG 1724, or CAP 562, Leaflet 5-40 as applicable
  • The amended pages of the maintenance programme Application pack is submitted to A&A
  • A&A process application and submit it to local CAA regional office for review
  • Local regional office will assess the programme amendment and when able to will approve the amendment with the issue of a letter

What to expect

The Airworthiness Surveyor will carry out an assessment and will contact the applicant to discuss the programme amendment if necessary

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