UK Pilots Required to Report All Birdstrike Incidents

Date: 24 October 2003

The Air Navigation Order will shortly be amended to mandate the reporting of all birdstrikes, regardless of whether damage was caused to the aircraft. This wider requirement will increase the existing knowledge base of birdstrike events and support improved strategies to reduce the growing number of these incidents in the UK.

Any aircraft commander flying in UK airspace who believes his aircraft has collided with one or more birds will have to inform the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), unless it has already been reported as an accident or damage occurrence through the CAA’s Mandatory Occurrence Reporting system.

The development of an accurate and comprehensive birdstrike database will enable the CAA to provide improved advice to aerodrome licensees on habitat management and dispersal techniques. It will also support work the CAA and industry is carrying out on developing new standards for aircraft engines, which will be capable of withstanding the impact of ingesting larger flocking birds.

Despite the extensive work undertaken by the CAA and industry to reduce the numbers of hazardous birds present on licensed aerodromes, birdstrike occurrences continue to increase. This is mainly due to the increase in bird numbers outside the airport perimeter, often as a result of the proliferation of bio-diversity and wetland restoration developments in the vicinity of airports. Typically aerodrome authorities have little or no control over these areas.

During the past few years a number of incidents have highlighted the significant threat posed by birdstrikes both in the UK and internationally.

Individuals reporting a birdstrike will have to complete the Freepost Form 1282 (version 2 dated 01/02/2003), which is held at every licensed aerodrome and is also available on the CAA website.

Alternatively, where companies have a standard reporting procedure an automatic data transfer will be established. Additional information can be obtained by emailing

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Notes to Editors

The CAA is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Its regulatory activities range from making sure that the aviation industry meets the highest technical and operational safety standards to preventing holidaymakers from being stranded abroad or losing money because of tour operator insolvency.