CAA takes over responsibility for managing foreign registered aircraft operating permits

Date: 09 April 2014

As of 6 April 2014, the CAA took on the responsibility for administering applications from non-UK operators for permission to use foreign registered aircraft to, from or within the UK. This function was previously the Department for Transport’s responsibility and has been transferred to the CAA following consultation with industry.

Any non-UK carrier that wishes to operate commercial air transport services in the UK, or any non-European Economic Area (EEA) operator intending to carry out other aerial work in the UK, must hold a permit authorising them to do so. Transferring responsibility for managing permit applications to the CAA will improve oversight of non-EEA operators and users of foreign registered aircraft; lead to savings for taxpayers as industry will bear the costs of processing applications; and be more efficient for the operators themselves by CAA providing a “one stop” shop for permits and related approvals.

A key benefit of the new system will be its increased transparency, which will help facilitate effective competition to the benefit of both consumers and the aviation industry.

More information about permits including advice on how to make an application is available here.