FAA Certificates can be reissued in UK, CAA confirms

Date: 13 December 2013

Following the introduction of harmonized European pilot licences, pilots holding a UK ‘National’ or EASA licence, who also hold an ‘FAA Certificate’ allowing them to fly in the United States, are required to have the document reissued with the UK CAA to retain its validity. This is an FAA requirement, following format changes to European licences.

This arrangement will avoid the need for pilots to travel to the US for verification of identity, as the Federal Aviation Administration has now confirmed that pilots can have the certificate reissued outside the United States. The UK Civil Aviation Authority is therefore advising affected pilots contact its licensing service to arrange the re-issue.

Under normal circumstances, pilots with an FAA Certificate would have been required to travel to an FAA Flight Standards District Office in the United States to comply with identification requirements. The CAA recognizes the cost and inconvenience, this will cause to pilots and therefore, in conjunction with the FAA’s Flight Standards Service, has decided to grant a deviation from this particular requirement.

The FAA has instructed the UK CAA, that personal identity must be verified in person and therefore pilots will be required to attend the CAA’s public counter at its Gatwick offices between Monday and Friday, between 08.30 and 16.00. This process is only applicable to pilots holding a UK issued National or EASA licence, who live outside the United States and currently hold FAA pilot Certificates.

Pilots have until October 2018 to have their FAA Certificate reissued.

Pilots are required to visit the UK CAA public counter Service at Aviation House, South Area Gatwick Airport, West Sussex RH6 0YR in person, with a completed form SRG 2110. Guidance on filling out the form is also available.

There will be a fee of £44 to pay. The CAA will then send the relevant paperwork to the FAA licensing centre in Oklahoma City.

For more information please contact FCLWEB@caa.co.uk or foreign-verification@faa.gov

For further press information, contact the CAA Press Office on: 0207 453 6030 press.office@caa.oc.uk

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Notes to Editors:

The CAA is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include: making sure that the aviation industry meets the highest technical and operational safety standards; preventing holidaymakers from being stranded abroad or losing money because of tour operator insolvency; planning and regulating all UK airspace; and regulating airports, air traffic services and airlines and providing advice on aviation policy from an economic standpoint.