CAA announces Manchester airspace change

Date: 06 January 2012

Following a review of airspace arrangements in the Manchester area, and consultation with all sections of the aviation community, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has approved changes to the boundaries of the Manchester Control Zone (CTR).

The changes will be introduced on 8 March 2012 and will result in a reduction in the size of the Manchester CTR, and changes to the shapes of the overlying Control Areas. Approach and departure routes serving Manchester Airport will remain unchanged.

Details of the changes will be published in Aeronautical Information Circular Yellow 03/2012 on 26 January 2011, and will be incorporated into the UK AIP and 1:500000 Aeronautical Chart ‘Southern England & Wales’ on 8 March 2012. ‘Northern England and Northern Ireland’ will be updated when it is next published on 3 May 2012.

The revisions will also be depicted on 1:250000 Aeronautical Charts 'Central England and Wales' and 'England East' when the current editions are replaced in May and June 2013 respectively.

The CAA’s decision letter, which includes a chart and co-ordinates of the revised airspace is available for download.

For further media information contact the CAA Press Office on: 0207 453 6030

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Notes to Editors:

1. The Civil Aviation Authority’s Directorate of Airspace Policy (DAP) is responsible for the planning and regulation of all UK airspace including the navigation and communications infrastructure to support safe and efficient operations. In accordance with its statutory functions, the CAA is responsible for dealing with applications by sponsors for an airspace change. A change to the use or classification of airspace in the UK can take many forms but can only be made after consultation and where it is clear that airspace management considerations and the overriding need for safety allow for no practical alternative, or where an overall environmental benefit will accrue. More information on the Airspace Change Process (ACP) and DAP’s wider functions are set out in DAP’s Airspace Charter (CAP 724) which is available on the CAA’s website at

2. The CAA is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include: making sure that the aviation industry meets the highest technical and operational safety standards; preventing holidaymakers from being stranded abroad or losing money because of tour operator insolvency; planning and regulating all UK airspace; and regulating airports, air traffic services and airlines and providing advice on aviation policy from an economic standpoint.