Aerodrome Licence

Aerodrome Licence application


It is the responsibility of the CAA to ensure that the holders of an aerodrome licence are competent and suitable persons to exercise the privileges of that licence. The CAA uses CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes in support of the granting of an aerodrome licence in accordance with Article 211 of the ANO 2009.

Aerodromes where flights for the purpose of the commercial air transport of passengers or the public transport of passengers, and/or flying training in aircraft above specified maximum total weights authorised take place, are required to be licensed by the CAA.

For aerodrome licensing purposes, public transport includes any flight where passengers are carried for a fare, but does not include flights where passengers agree to share the cost of fuel.

Flying training operations include any activity connected with acquiring or altering a Pilot's licence. It does not include any pleasure flights where a passenger, who is a permanent or temporary member of a flying club, may briefly take the controls of an aircraft, for example a glider.

Who can apply

The applicant must be either the landowner or have the permission of the owner to use the site as an aerodrome, with rights to control the aerodrome under the terms of a lease or other operating agreement.

How to apply

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