Failure of Air Parade Ltd - ATOL 5717 - 14 May 2014

Information relating to the failure of Air Parade Ltd

Failure Details

Company:Air Parade Ltd
ATOL Number:5717
Failure Date:14 May 2014

Air Parade Ltd trading as Luxury Villa Escapes and Villa Parade has ceased trading with immediate effect. The company, based in Huddersfield held ATOL 5717 since 2001 and sold packages mainly to Spain and Portugal.

Accommodation Only Bookings
Please note if you have made an accommodation only booking then you will need to contact ABTA as accommodation only bookings are not covered by the ATOL scheme.

Important Information for Travel Agents

Please note that any payment received by an agent from consumers, for an ATOL protected booking with Air Parade Ltd, is received and held by the agent on behalf of and for the benefit of the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust (ATT) but subject to the agent’s right and obligation to make payment to Air Parade.

As Air Parade has ceased trading, agents will now need to hold on to consumer payments on behalf of the Trustees of the ATT until directed otherwise by the Trustees of the ATT.

Agents must not refund consumers any monies unless explicitly directed to do so by the Trustees of the ATT.

Information for Consumers
If your booking was ATOL protected, you should have received an ATOL Certificate either by post or by email. ATOL holders are required to issue this easily recognisable document to consumers when they book and pay for an ATOL protected product. The bottom right hand corner of your ATOL Certificate will state whether you booked a "Package Sale" or a "Flight Plus Sale".

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