ORS5 No. 269: CAA Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)

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Reference:ORS5 No. 269
Title:CAA Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)
Description:This publication provides the Personnel Licensing Scheme of Charges that is effective as from 1 April 2012.
This document has been amended to reflect the change of date for the implementation of the EASA Aircrew Regulation by the UK CAA from 1 July 2012 to 17 September 2012. In addition, and to the financial benefit of industry, section 6.3 contains two structural amendments plus the inclusion of an additional definition in section 15.

Status:Superseded on 31 March 2013
Review Comment:Superseded by ORS5 No. 281
Version:1 amended
Date:25 May 2012
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