CAP 493 SI 2009/04: Wake Turbulence Separation Minima

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Reference:CAP 493 SI 2009/04
Title:Wake Turbulence Separation Minima
Description:The CAA has recently completed an extensive review and harmonisation of UK wake turbulence categories and separation minima. The revised wake turbulence requirements were published in AIC 18P/2009, effective 26 March 2009. Accordingly, this Supplementary Instruction details the revised CAP 493 (MATS Part 1) Wake Turbulence Separation procedures to be applied by UK controllers.

This Supplementary Instruction supersedes and replaces: CAP 493 (MATS Part 1) Section 1, Chapter 3, Paragraph 9 and Appendix B; and SI 2009/02.

NOTE: This SI has been re-issued. Changes have been marginal-lined.

Status:Withdrawn on 2 July 2009
Review Comment:None
Date:21 May 2009
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