• Rationale

    Air travel is largely international, and the safety of our UK citizens and UK operators is often dependent upon the safety of non-UK operators and overseas destinations. The UK CAA is only legally accountable for its regulated industry, and generally relies upon the international system under ICAO to ensure safety beyond its borders.  However, in monitoring the safety of UK operators and UK airspace, it is sometimes apparent that there are ‘hotspots’ where safety events are concentrated and these events could affect the safety of UK citizens that is beyond the basic regulatory remit of the UK. For example, non-UK operators in UK airspace, UK operators in foreign airspace, and overseas operations that are utilised by a large number of UK citizens.  Because these situations involve stakeholders beyond the UK, reducing the risk is best achieved by including all parties to work together on a better solution.


    • To improve the operational safety performance of non-UK operators in UK airspace and UK operators overseas.
    • To support and represent the Department for Transport (DfT) at the European Commission, EASA, ICAO and with Foreign States and industry.


    • To build international capacity by establishing and/or maintaining Full Safety Partnerships with States that represent high risk and high exposure or high political with good return solutions.
    • To build international capacity by establishing and/or maintaining Regular Safety Partnerships with States that represent a very high exposure but lower risk or a volume of remove operations or commercial ties or shared boundaries or high political with poor return solutions.
    • To address International hotspots where relatively high risk issues to UK carriers have low local resource to progress solutions.
    • To address local pop-up safety concerns not included within the State Safety Programme.
    • To provide technical advice to the DfT at meetings with UK and Foreign Industry, NAAs and Governments.
    • To create and implement a data analysis tool to support our work in identifying high risk/high exposure safety hotspots.