• Rationale

    Approximately 75% of all aviation accidents and incidents have Human Factors (HF) causes. In recognising the importance of HF throughout the whole aviation system, we can continue to strive for a better understanding of the human condition in order to prevent and/or minimise the impact of human error.

    The actions associated with the HF programme are ongoing and focused on continuous improvement. They are based on raising awareness, improving understanding, and supporting the effective oversight of HF as a safety issue across all aviation domains.


    • The CAA, and its safety partners internationally, will have a better understanding of the human performance risks within aviation and develop a series of actions to reduce the accident risk due to human performance issues and improve systematic consideration of HF by regulators and industry
    • Developing better data mining to take the influences of HF in incidents and accidents, collaborative work to identify areas for HF focus across the industry, training, safety promotion and influencing regulatory development where possible


    • Develop Safety Management System assessment process to enable the collection of evidence of HF considerations and culture
    • Ensure CAA staff are trained in HF and able to assess and provide best practice guidance
    • Work with European and International bodies to promote HF best practice
    • Develop the CAA assessment capacity to provide better causal HF information
    • Produce and share practical tools and guidance