• Unacceptable behaviour on board

    Passengers must not do certain things while on board including:

    • endangering the safety of an aircraft
    • being drunk in an aircraft
    • smoking
    • disobeying a lawful command from the commander of an aircraft, 
    • acting in a disruptive manner (including interfering with the work of a member of the cabin crew).

    If a member of crew deems behaviour disruptive, they have the right to take measures they think reasonable to prevent the passenger continuing that behaviour, including diverting the flight to another airport. When the aircraft lands, their actions may include:

    • making the passenger leave the aircraft; possibly under police escort
    • refusing to carry the passenger on the remaining sectors of the journey shown on their ticket,
    • reporting the incident on board the aircraft to the relevant authorities with a view to them prosecuting for any criminal offences that may have been committed.

    Serious offences could result in a large fine and/or imprisonment.