• The following organisations have had approvals suspended or revoked by the CAA.

    Suspensions are only considered when there is a realistic prospect of the operator rectifying an issue within a reasonable time span.

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  • BCAR

    Company name  Reference number  Approval status  Date
    Graham Fox Aircraft Engineering   AI/10012/13   Suspended   23/05/2017 
    Malcolm Stewart   DAI/9958/15  Suspended   12/05/2017 
    The Vulcan Operating Company Limited  AI/9926/08  Suspended  10/05/2017

    Part 21 Subpart G

    Company name Reference number Approval status Date
    Taunton Aerospace Limited UK.21G.2599 Suspended 28/04/2017

    Part 145

    Company name Reference number Approval status Date
    Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Engineering Limited                     UK.145.01296Suspended 16/05/2017
    CFS Maintenance Limited  UK.145.01340Suspended  01/09/2017
    Dyers (London) Limited  UK.145.01317Suspended 20/09/2017 
    Taunton Aerospace Limited  UK.145.01149Suspended  28/04/2017
    Vintage Engine Technology Limited  UK.145.00026 Suspended  04/04/2017

    Part 147

    Company name Reference number Approval status Date
    Short Brothers plc                               UK.147.0014 Revoked 18/07/2014
    Capital Aviation Services Limited  UK.147.0028 Revoked 14/01/2014
    Bond Offshore Helicopters Limited  UK.147.0112 Revoked 02/12/2016
    Thales Training and Simulation Ltd  UK.147.0104  Surrendered 
    3G Aviation Limited UK.147.0109 Surrendered 08/08/2016
    Academy Aerotechnical Ltd  UK.147.0101 Suspended 23/11/2016
    City of Bristol College  UK.147.0007 Suspended 02/02/2017

    Part M Subpart G

    Company name Reference number Approval status Date
    BN Aviation Limited UK.MG.0412 Suspended 24/10/2017
    Fly Heli Wales Limited UK.MG.0630  Suspended 02/05/2017
    Graham Fox Aircraft Engineering  UK.MG.0284  Suspended  23/05/2017 
    Monarch Airlines Limited UK.MG.0127 Suspended 02/10/2017
    Company name  Reference number  Approval status  Date
    Gama Aviation (Beauport) Ltd  AOC.GB.0757  Suspended  26/09/2016

    The following companies have had their approval to operate as a National Qualified Entity (NQE) suspended or revoked.

    Company name  Approval status  Date
    Euro USC                      Revoked  17/03/2017
    Company name  Reference number  Approval status  Date
    Alpha Flight Training                             GBR.ATO.0110 Revoked  09/02/2017
    Fly Llanbedr Limited GBR.ATO.0397 Suspended  01/09/2016
    Omega Sky Taxi Limited T/A Omega Flight Training  GBR.ATO.0330 Revoked  29/02/2016

    Jetstream Executive Travel (Leasing) Limited
    T/A Westbeach Flight Academy 

    GBR.ATO.0167 Revoked


    Air Medical Limited  GBR.ATO.0218 Suspended  10/02/2016
    Northumbria Helicopters Limited  GBR.ATO.0178 Suspended  28/04/2015
    Unique Helicopters (NI) Limited  GBR.ATO.0210 Suspended  13/11/2015