• CAA welcomes new Europe-wide occurrence reporting regulations
  • Harmonised process will help identify safety risks more easily
  • 'Just Culture' to be cornerstone of new scheme
  • Ground handlers, maintenance engineers and private pilots amongst those bound by new rules

The introduction of new European rules on the reporting of aviation safety incidents and occurrences will help to further improve safety levels in both the commercial and private sectors, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today. The change establishes a common process across the EU for submitting reports which will allow the industry and safety regulators to identify and tackle specific risks and trends more easily.

The incoming European Commission Regulation updates the UK's existing Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) scheme, which has been contributing to the industry's knowledge of aviation risks, since 1976. Over four decades 'MORs' filed by the aviation industry have made a valuable contribution to UK flight safety.

The new rules, which came into force on 15 November 2015, will help enable all those involved in aviation in Europe, including private pilots and ground handlers, to file occurrence reports more efficiently either via an online portal - which will be available shortly - or through their employers' internal reporting system.

Pilots, owners and operators of Annex II aircraft, non-EASA certificated types such as microlights, vintage and ex military aircraft are not required to report under the new rules, but are nevertheless encouraged to do so.

The 'Just Culture' principles which underpin the UKs current MOR scheme are now mandated for aviation organisations covered by the new Regulation, this includes some organisations not currently directly regulated by the CAA such as ground handlers. Just Culture encourages and supports the open reporting of safety occurrences by personnel employed across the aviation industry.

Guidance from the EC and the European Aviation Safety Agency is currently being developed and will be available in the coming weeks, accompanied by an update to the CAA's CAP 382 document on occurrence reporting. Full details will be available on the CAA website www.caa.co.uk/MOR. The CAA will also further notify the aviation industry once the online reporting portal is available.

Additionally, the CAA will not publish monthly MOR listings and General Aviation reports on its website until a new procedure can be implemented to verify that the intended use of such data is for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety and should not be used to attribute blame or liability.

An Information notice has also been published which contains further details of the change.

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Notes to Editors

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