• The average 'family holiday' now includes three generations, takes 13 hours to plan and costs £694 per person
  • The price of a family holiday has increased by 20 per cent over the past five years
  • 'Sensible sightseers' name travel insurance and ATOL protection top holiday essentials, but a fifth put cheaper deals ahead of financial security - risking their hard-earned cash
  • Research shows wi-fi is a more valued holiday essential than TV, spa and gym

The traditional family holiday has a new face as trends spotted in 2015 are set to become the norm in 2016. Research by ATOL reveals holidaymakers now spend almost £700 per person on their annual break, with many happy to go with an ex-partner, in-laws or friends in order to save money.

In a modern twist on the traditional family unit almost a quarter of the nation (23 per cent) would set their differences aside and go on holiday with their ex-partner, but many want them to foot the bill. More than two-fifths of holidaymakers (42 per cent) now travel with their extended family, with a quarter of Brits (25 per cent) taking their grandparents with them. Just over one in ten (11 per cent) admitted they would put up with their partner's parents, so long as they got a better deal or the 'in-laws' paid.

The cost of booking a family holiday has risen by 20 per cent in the past five years. The average per person spend per trip is now £694 compared to £597 five years ago. Whilst the majority of people are shopping around for deals and savings, one in five will flash their cash (20 per cent) and spend upwards of £1,000 per person when holidaying with their family this summer.

The research revealed we are increasingly a nation of 'sensible sightseers' with travel insurance and ATOL protection ranked top in a list of the nation's holiday essentials, followed by many of the usual destination requirements, including 'sun, sea and sand'! There will be no digital downtime for techy travellers as wi-fi is cited higher on the holiday essentials list above a TV in the room, spa or gym.

Top 10 holiday essentials:

  • Travel insurance
  • ATOL protection
  • Beach
  • Transfers included
  • Swimming pool
  • Guaranteed sun
  • Wi-fi
  • Peace and quiet
  • Nightlife
  • TV

Sun-seekers are spending longer planning their perfect break with the average number of hours spent planning a holiday increasing from 10 to 13 hours over the past five years. Destination decisions take the most time with more than one in ten people (11 per cent) dedicating nine hours to picking the perfect location.

Despite the care taken on booking, more than a third of people (32 per cent) admit to rushing holiday admin and spending less than half an hour booking insurance and checking for ATOL protection. A fifth (20 per cent) even admit they would sacrifice these elements if it meant getting a cheaper deal, which could put their hard-earned money at risk.

Commenting on the research Andy Cohen, Head of ATOL said: “The tradition of the family holiday remains strong but the shape and size of these holidays is always evolving.

“It is reassuring to us that more and more people each year recognise that protecting your holiday is an essential part of booking your trip, but there remains a significant number who are willing to put a cheap deal ahead of protecting their hard-earned cash.

“With so many options we want to encourage people to pack peace of mind when booking their family holiday by checking for ATOL protection to safeguard their holiday in case the travel company collapses. Visit www.packpeacemind.co.uk for more information.”