"Our current charges consultation for air displays is based on two factors; firstly, that the regulation of air shows has historically been subsidised by other aviation industry charge payers and ultimately their passengers. Secondly, the charges reflect the increased costs of implementing the additional safety activities outlined in the recent air display action report.  Safety is our first priority and we believe these additional measures are necessary to further improve the safety of air displays. 

“We are not funded by the tax-payer and are required by law to recover our costs from the aviation industry. Each year we consult on our proposed charges, providing an opportunity for interested parties to outline their views.

“Our research shows that the proposed fees to cover the cost of our regulatory and safety work would mean an increase of just a few pence per ticket for some small air display events and less than 20 pence for one of the largest based on the most recent attendance figures.  The current cost of entry to these shows for the general public can be in the region of £20 to £50 per day.

"With the consultation open until 29 February, we do not believe there is a need for air shows to cancel their events based purely on these proposals. We urge stakeholders responding to the consultation to provide all relevant evidence and information, which will be reviewed carefully before we make our final decision. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss with air show organisers any questions or concerns they have around their planned activity for 2016."

For further information see our factsheet.