We have received the AAIB's latest special bulletin from its ongoing investigation into the Shoreham Air Show accident and will study it in detail. We will continue to fully co-operate with the AAIB investigation and provide expertise and advice.

The AAIB Special Bulletin does not contain any information regarding the cause of the Shoreham Air Display accident.

The CAA is continuing its own review of Air Show safety which is due to be published early in the New Year and our thoughts remain with all those affected by this tragic accident.

In relation to the validity of the alternative means of compliance (AMOC) for ongoing maintenance of the aircraft, we have already informed the AAIB that this was in place and was valid at the time of the accident.

Work under the alternative means of compliance was carried out in January 2014 with the next inspection due in January 2016 making the organisation and the aircraft compliant with the Mandatory Permit Directive.