• What is a certified copy?

    A certified copy is a copy of a document which is signed by an authorised person who has seen the original document and can vouch that the copy has been made accurately and honestly.

    Who can certify your documents

    When you send us copies of documents as part of an application for a pilot licence, they can be certified by one of the following authorised people:

    • the Head of training at your approved training organisation
    • the holder of the registration at a registered training facility, or
    • a UK-approved Examiner

    Military flying logbooks must be stamped and certified by either

    • your commanding officer or
    • the head of training at the ATO where any additional training for your application has taken place.

    Certification format

    The certifier should write on the copies the following:

    • the declaration “I have seen the original document and I certify that this is a complete and accurate copy of the original”
    • his/her signature
    • his/her name (in block capitals)
    • his/her position or capacity (e.g. "Head of approved training organisation")