• The Pre-Season Symposium is held in the spring and the Post-Season Symposium is held in the autumn. The aim of each symposium is to provide:

    • regulatory feedback
    • safety awareness
    • human factors training
    • and identify lessons and disseminate best practice to display pilots, event organisers and Flying Display Directors (FDDs).

    It also gives the display community the opportunity to share feedback with regulators, in order to improve the display environment as a whole.

    Pre-Season Symposium

  • The 2018 MAA/CAA/BADA Pre-Season Flying Display Symposium will be held 14-15 February 2018 in the Tech School (previously the Defence Capability Centre) at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

    The aim of the symposium is to prepare those involved in the delivery of the 2018 display season.

    The symposium will be clinic and workshop focused, allowing delegates to choose from a variety of subjects, depending on which are of most interest and use to them.

    The clinics and workshops on offer will include the following (subject to change, depending on availability):


    • CAA: What a good submission looks like
    • Legal 
    • MAA: Military regulation and risk ownership
    • Media and communications and the use of social media


    • Event Organisers (EOs)
    • FDD, including practical planning elements
    • Local authority safety action groups (SAGs) 
    • Pilots

    The symposium will also have a number of briefs for all participants, including: 

    • How Human Factors affect you.
    • The effect of fatigue.
    • Risk ownership and responsibility.
    • CAA - regulation amendments for 2018.
    • MAA - regulation changes for 2018 .

    The cost for all civilian delegates is £20 per person. This covers the cost of refreshments and fork dinner only (with the CAA and MAA providing a further contribution).

    Why have the administrative arrangements changed and why am I paying the CAA?

    The MOD, through the MAA, provide the facility for the Symposium free of charge. They do this in order to engage with the widest civilian audience possible, as it is by civilians and military working together that a safe display season is delivered.

    However, for this arrangement to continue, the MOD must offer parity to all civilians by charging them the same, minimal non-profit fee. The fee is to cover the cost of refreshments and the fork supper only. As the MAA is not able to take payments, they have asked the CAA to administer the event on their behalf - this is why you are paying through the CAA.

    To apply for a place at the symposium, applicants should email the GA Unit with the following details:

    • First name
    • Surname
    • Title
    • Organisation (eg BADA)
    • Position (eg DAE, DA, FDD, EO) and position number (eg DAE number) if applicable
    • Nationality
    • Arrival Date
    • Departure Date
    • Which workshop you would like to attend
    • Which clinic you would like to attend

    Payment methods

    By post 

    Payment should be made via credit/debit card using form  FCS1500 and sent to us in the post, using the following address:

    Civil Aviation Authority
    GA Unit
    Gatwick Airport South
    Aviation House
    Gatwick Rd



    RH6 0YR

    *The ASN reference for payment is 'DSYMP2018'. 

    By bank transfer

    For bank transfers, please use the following bank details:

    Account Name: Civil Aviation Authority 

    Account Number: 36029769 214 

    Sort Code: 60-30-06 

    Reference: DSYMP2018 - *followed by your surname

    Please do not send cash or cheques.

    All applications must be received no later than 1 February 2018.

    Applications that are incomplete, arrive after the deadline or for which payment has not been received will be rejected, and the applicant not afforded a place at the symposium. 

    Final attendance instructions, along with a programme of events will be posted here no later than 5 February 2018.

    If you require any further information, please see the CAA, MAA and BADA websites or email us.

    We very much look forward to seeing you all again at Shrivenham and appreciate your ongoing support and valuable contributions that will ensure the success of the event.

  • Post-Season Symposium

    Dates are currently TBD. Information will be posted here once confirmed.