• Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport (HAL) is one of the busiest airports in the world, handling over 75 million passengers per year. It is a ‘hub airport’ - one where airlines concentrate passenger traffic and routes to make their network of flights operate more efficiently.

    Under the Civil Aviation Act 2012, the CAA regulates Heathrow’s operations because it considers that the airport has substantial market power that justifies detailed economic regulation.

    The Passenger Pays

    Passengers passing through Heathrow pay a charge. This charge, separate from other taxes and charges such as the Air Passenger Duty, is bundled into airfares and passed on to Heathrow by the airline on behalf of the passenger.

    Determining the passenger charge

    The charge the passenger pays to use Heathrow is decided by the regulator (the CAA), after consultation with the airport and the airlines, and is currently about £21 per passenger.

    Review of the charge

    The charge Heathrow levies on each passenger is subject to a regular review, normally every five years. The outcome of the current review, dubbed H7, will likely set a new charge from 2020.

    The Consumer Challenge Board

    In order to strengthen the link between consumer outcomes and priorities and the regulation of Heathrow, the H7 Consumer Challenge Board (CCB) was established by the CAA in partnership with HAL and the airlines that currently use Heathrow (the “Heathrow Airline Community”).

    The CCB’s role is to scrutinise and challenge Heathrow’s business plans to ensure it has taken account of current and future passengers’ priorities. Its primary task is to ensure that Heathrow’s business plan going forward from 2020 is informed by, and grounded in, high quality consumer engagement.

  • Jeff Halliwell, Chair

    Jeff's executive career was in CEO/ MD roles with consumer-facing companies such as Fox's Biscuits/ Northern Foods, First Milk, and Bernard Matthews.  His background was in consumer marketing roles with leading international businesses such as Mars, and Colgate.  He now has a number of non-executive Chair and Non-Executive Director roles, which span private, public, and third sector organisations.  Of particular relevance to the CCB, he is Chair of Transport Focus, the consumer watchdog for public transport and England's highways, and Chair of Anglian Water's Customer Engagement Forum, which has a similar brief, in the water sector, to that of the CCB in respect of HAL.

    Dr David Holden

    David has twenty years' experience of advising at the highest level on the insight and implementation of market research data to solve business problems, having been involved in over 500 such research studies across a wide variety of business areas.  He holds a PhD in Transport Economics, specialising in understanding consumer behaviour, priorities and sensitivities to changes in provision of services. 

    Isabel Liu

    Isabel is a transport user champion with long experience investing in transport infrastructure, especially airports.  She previously invested in airports in the UK, Asia Pacific, and the Americas while working with leading international airports as an executive and board member.  Isabel is currently on the board of Pensions Infrastructure Platform, formed by UK pension schemes to invest in UK infrastructure.   She is a board member of Transport Focus, the consumer watchdog for public transport and England's highways.

    Trisha McAuley OBE

    Trisha is also a member of the CAA Consumer Panel and has outstanding consumer advocacy and engagement experience. She is currently a Non-Executive Director of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which is Scotland's largest Health Authority and through this she is Chair of the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership Board. Trisha is a Non-Executive Director of Northern Ireland Water and has also been recently appointed as a member of the ORR Consumer Panel. Based in Scotland, Trisha brings an important perspective from outside of the South East of the UK.

    Jayne Scott

    Jayne brings excellent experience of a variety of regulated sectors. She is currently a panel member of the Competition and Markets Authority, a Non-Executive Director of the Marine Management Association, Chair of the Audit Committee of the Registers of Scotland and also of the Private Healthcare Information Network.  She is a former Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee at Ofgem and a former member of the Audit Committee for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  Based in Perth, Scotland, Jayne also brings a perspective from outside the South East.

    Claire Whyley

    Claire has extensive consumer advocacy and engagement experience. She is currently a member of a number of bodies including: the Ofgem Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Vulnerability Panel; the Finance and Leasing Association Disciplinary Panel; the Advertising Advisory Committee; and the Money Advice Trust Board. She has recently been appointed to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) Consumer Panel and is also a member of the CAA's Consumer Panel - bringing specific aviation knowledge and experience to the role.


    Date Organisation Topic CCB attendance
     8 Jan CAA Update on the consultation. Information about the CAA's role in resilience, the history of it, why we care, highlights from CAA previous research. JH, IL, DH, TM, CW, JS, AB
     15 Jan HAL  Literature Review, Service Proposition and Signatures, Expansion, Forward Plan of Activity. HAL and CCB discuss CCB issue log. JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
     25 Jan  HAAG  Introduce role and work of CCB and HAAG.  JH
     25 Jan CAA  CAA's legislative duties in respect of PRMs  JH
     25 Jan  BA  Update on CCB work  JH
     1 Feb  HAL  HAL Expansion and overview of DCO process  JH
     5 Feb  easyJet Overview of easyJet, easyJet's consumer research and the company's perspective on H7 JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
    06 Feb HAL HAL Executive Committee to discuss Challenge Log JH
    09 Feb Consumer Challenge Board Introduction to new Chair JH
    19 Feb CAA CCB talked to CAA about PRM's JH, IL, JS, TM, CW, AB
    22 Feb HAL Passenger Sustainability Research - Focus Groups IL
    05 Mar HAL Discuss draft Interim report and Challenge Log JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
    19 Mar BA

    BA's view on:

    1. Development priorities for H7 and the consumer engagement evidence to support BA's priorities.

    2. Aspects of SQRB BA see as important to go forward into H7 and what consumer engagement evidence BA have in support.

    3. Discuss draft Interim report and Challenge Log

    4. Views on approaches to R3, including affordability getting defined as keeping charges flat and how that might be achieved, and alternative developers.

    5. Resilience - views on how operational changes or investment can improve resilience.

    JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW
    29 Mar HAL Discussion on Surface Access IL, JH
    09 Apr LACC CCB update the LACC on progress JH, IL, DH, TM, AB
    09 Apr HAL Current Status of Research & Engagement, Consumer Research & Engagement Strategy and Sustainability JH, IL, DH, TM, AB



    Date Organisation Topic CCB attendance
    21 Feb Heathrow AOC Governance, responsibilities and consumer engagement carried out by the airlines  JH
    21 Feb CAA 2012 Aviation Act, CAA Consumer Panel and consumer engagement carried out by CAA JH
    24 Feb CAA Role of the CCB JH
    27 Feb LACC Governance and future investment JH 
    1 Mar HAL Overview of Heathrow's performance and discussion of R3 JH
    2 Mar IATA Previous price control period (Q6) JH
    3 Apr DfT UKG Aviation Strategy JH
    3 Apr LACC Introductory meeting JH
    5 Apr BA Overview of BA, BA's consumer research and BA's perspective on H7 JH, IL, DH, JS, TM 
    5 Apr HAL Introduction to consumer research and willingness to pay research JH 
    13 Apr CAA Overview of CAA, Consumers and Markets Group, CAA Tracker survey, Aviation Statistics, economic regulation of HAL  JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB 
    20 Apr CAA Consumer Panel Introductory meeting JH 
    21 Apr HACC Introductory meeting  JH 
    25 Apr HAL Willingness to pay research  DH 
    25 Apr CAA  Introductory meeting  JH 
    3 May HAL/NATS Tour of airport, overview of punctuality, capacity, consumer research, Service Quality Rebate Scheme (SQR), Quality of Service Monitor, Airport Service Quality (ASQ) JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, AB
    8 May  CAA R3/H7 work programme  JH, DH, JS, TM, AB 
    8 May CAA Consumer Panel  Role, responsibilities and relationship between Consumer Panel and CCB  JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, AB 
    8 May HAL Engagement with airlines, DfT and CAA. Strategic Brief HAL 2030/2040. Consumer engagement on surface access, journey mapping, PRMs and social media  JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, AB 
    9 May CAA Update on CCB progress  JH 
    22 May HAL Influencing factors on the passenger journey and immigration insights  JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, AB 
    5 Jun HAL/NATS Airspace resilience overview, Consumer Research, Outcomes and Capital Overview  JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB 
    3 Jul LACC Update on CCB progress  JH, AB 
    10 Jul Virgin Overview of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin's consumer research, and Virgin's perspective on H7 JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB 
    12 Jul HAL Update on CCB progress  IL, DH 
    12 Jul HACC Introductory meeting JH 
    17 Jul HAL Preparation for forthcoming meeting with HAL board. Review progress to date  JH 
    25 Jul HAL Personal introduction and description of composition, role, modus operandi and activities of CCB. JH 
    26 Jul HAL Personal introduction and description of composition, role, modus operandi and activities of CCB. JH 
    2 Aug Which Introduce role and work of CCB. Explore consumer views of current and future Heathrow experience.


    5 Sep HAL Introduce role and work of CCB. Explore consumer views of current and future Heathrow experience. JH
    11 Sep HAL Feedback to HAL's Consumer Research and Engagement Strategy IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
    21 Sept HAL Inception meeting for the qualitative phase in preparation for HAL's willingness to pay (WTP) research IL, CW
    28 Sep BA Update on CCB progress JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
    23 Oct CAA Update on consultation and presentation on airport charges IL, DH, JS, CW, AB
    23 Oct HAL Second review of HAL's updated Consumer Research and Engagement Strategy IL, DH, JS, CW, AB
    1 Nov HAL Review of qualitative research results JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
     9 Nov  CCB Review of qualitative WTP research results  JH, IL, DH, JS, CW, AB
     23 Nov Border Force Objectives and parameters of UK Border Force's work at Heathrow, and how that interfaces with HAL. JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB
     4 Dec HAL
    • Passenger Insight community
    • WTP attributes
    • PRM
    • Surface access
    • Consumer research and engagement strategy
    • Business planning process
    JH, IL, DH, JS, TM, CW, AB 
     5 Dec Tripartite HAL Airlines CCB Review attributes for WTP survey 

    JH, CW, DH, AB

     5 Dec HAL/CAA HAL presented to the CAA/CCB how consumer engagement is driving Heathrow's expansion plans. DH
     11 Dec CAA  Update on CCB progress.  JH 
     18 Dec  Lufthansa Lufthansa views on consumer research and H7 and their expectations of R3/expansion. Contrasts or lessons which can be learned from consumer experience of other major hub airports like FRA. JH, IL, DH,TM, CW, AB
     21 Dec HAL  Update on CCB progress. CCB shared some of the key issues and challenges the CCB have raised or observed about HAL's consumer engagement. JH 


    • BA - British Airways
    • DfT - Department for Transport
    • HACC - Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee
    • HAL - Heathrow Airport Limited
    • Heathrow AOC - Heathrow Airline Operators Committee
    • IATA - International Air Transport Association
    • LACC - London (Heathrow) Airport Consultative Committee
  • Consumer Challenge Board
    Amy Breckell - Secretariat
    Civil Aviation Authority
    Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    West Sussex RH6 0YR

    Email: info@h7ccb.co.uk