• Minimum age for a licence

    The minimum age to get an ATPL is 21.

    Privileges and conditions

    If you hold an ATPL you can, on the appropriate aircraft category:

    1. exercise all the privileges of the holder of a LAPL, PPL or CPL;
    2. act as PIC in commercial air transport

    Training requirements

    To apply for an ATPL, you must have fulfilled the training and experience requirements for the type rating of the aircraft used in the skill test. For example, if you are taking the skill test on a Boeing 737, you must have met the relevant flight training requirements for that type of aircraft.


    Theoretical knowledge examinations

    When you apply for your ATPL, you must have previously passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams in the relevant subject areas. You will likely have done this as part of your training towards the CPL/IR or MPL. The theoretical knowledge areas include:

    • Air law
    • Aircraft general knowledge — airframe/systems/powerplant
    • Aircraft general knowledge — instrumentation
    • Mass and balance
    • Performance
    • Flight planning and monitoring
    • Human performance
    • Meteorology
    • General navigation
    • Radio navigation
    • Operational procedures
    • Principles of flight
    • Visual flight rules (VFR) communications
    • Instrument flight rules (IFR) communications

    Theoretical knowledge examinations

    The credit for the theoretical knowledge exams towards the issue of an ATPL remains valid for 7 years from the expiry date of either:

    • An IR
    • In the case of helicopters, a helicopter type rating

    Skill test

    Once you have obtained the necessary flight time, you may take your ATPL skill test on the relevant aircraft type, or appropriate equivalent full flight simulator.

    For details on what flight time is required, see the Prerequisites, experience and crediting pages for the relevant aircraft category, ATPL (aeroplanes) or ATPL (helicopters).

    Upgrading to an ATPL from an MPL

    If you are upgrading to an ATPL from an MPL, and you do not hold any privileges on your MPL for a single pilot aircraft, then your ATPL will continue to be restricted to multi-crew operations only, as your MPL would have been.