• The process for aerodromes to transition to an EASA Certificate is described below.


    Aerodromes that are within the EASA scope will be required to follow this process. More information can be found on the CAA EASA Aerodromes webpage.

    How much does it cost?

    There will be no additional cost for transitioning from an aerodrome licence to an EASA Certificate.

    How long is it valid for?

    An EASA aerodrome certificate will be issued without an expiry date. The certificate will remain in force until it is varied, suspended or revoked.

    What else do I need to know?

    Please refer to the main CAA EASA Aerodromes webpage.

    What should I include with my application?

    When completed the following documentation should be submitted to the CAA (click on links to download the .docx templates):

    Declaration of Compliance  
    Certification Basis (CB) Guidance material
    Operations Basis (OB) Guidance material
    Safety Assurance Document (SAD) (as required) Guidance material
    Aerodrome Manual  
    Aerodrome Manual Checklist  
    Deviation and Action Document (DAAD)  
    Criteria for Deviations  

    What happens next?

    The transition process will take place between June 2014 and December 2017. The CAA has scheduled a period of time in which to assess the required transition documents submitted by each aerodrome. This will replace one of the periodic CAA aerodrome oversight audits.

    • The CAA will write to you early in 2014 advising you of the deadline date for the submission of the required documents. This letter will include a link to this webpage where all documents and guidance information can be downloaded.
    • 6-8 months prior to this date, you will be invited to a Transition Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to walk you through the key elements of the aerodrome rules and explain the transition process, help you prepare for the activities you will need to do to transition and to provide an opportunity to discuss areas of common interest.
    • Prior to your allocated deadline date you will be required to complete the documents provided on the CAA website. It is recommended that you start to complete these documents as soon as possible.
    • All documents should be submitted to the CAA by the deadline date identified in your letter.
    • Following successful assessment, the new Certificate will be posted to you by Special Delivery. We would estimate that this would be within 8 weeks of submission, depending upon the need for further discussion and/or site visits to the aerodrome.

    Guidance for the Conversion of an Aerodrome Licence to an Aerodrome Certificate

    How do I apply?

    Once all appropriate documentation has been completed, please submit in electronic format to asddocs@caa.co.uk.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions / queries regarding the EASA aerodrome transition process, please contact your allocated inspector or Tony.Heap@caa.co.uk (EASA Transition Programme Lead).