• Unlike small drones, unmanned aircraft with an operating mass of more than 20 kg are subject to the whole of the UK Aviation regulations (as listed within the UK Air Navigation Order – ANO), although they may be exempted from certain requirements by the CAA.

    Unmanned aircraft with a mass of more than 150 kg are also subject to additional certification requirements as determined by the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA.

    Large drones, are not currently permitted to fly in any non-segregated airspace in the UK, without specific permission from the CAA.

    Large devices are being tested at a number of locations but the airspace around these locations has been segregated to exclude other airspace users.

    If you are considering operating a UAS with a mass of greater that 20kg within UK airspace, full details and requirements are contained within our UAS guidance document CAP 722.

    An application can be made using this form SRG 1321.