• Online Birdstrike Reporting System

    Following successful trials involving several UK licensed aerodromes, online reporting for Birdstrike Occurrence was introduced on 1 January 2008.

    Online reporting is the preferred method for reporting bird strike occurrences to the CAA. However, form SRG 2004 (formerly CA 1282) will still be available for a further period of time. Individuals reporting incidences are reminded that if form SRG 2004 cannot be completed or submitted online, reports should be faxed to the number notified on the form, or posted using the Free-post address.

    UK Birdstrike Data

    The CAA's view is that the volume of bird strikes reported at a particular airport or aerodrome does not imply greater hazard. Due to the limitations of unanalysed raw data, users should exercise extreme caution in forming any conclusion or opinion based on quantitative data alone.

    The CAA disclaims all responsibility for any interpretation which might be made by others in receipt of this bird strike data.

    Access birdstrike data