• Online Birdstrike Reporting System

    Following the implementation of the Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation, and in accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1018, laying down a list classifying occurrences in civil aviation to be mandatorily reported wildlife strikes including bird strikes, will not be differentiated from other reportable occurrences.

    The birdstrike reporting form SRG 2004 has been withdrawn and reporting should follow the usual reporting routes for your organisation. 

    Advice on reporting methods can be found on our CAP 382 webpages.

    We are aware of issues with reporting Birdstrikes through the EU Reporting Portal where the portal may not collect the same level of detail the UK Birdstrike reporting system has done for many years.

    We are working with EASA on improving the reporting portal to try and ensure the same level of analysis can be conducted on your behalf. In light of this, the option to report through the UK Birdstrike Reporting Portal is still available for the time being.

    The UK Portal will be withdrawn in due course and all reporting shall be submitted via the routes indicated in EU376/2014.

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