• It is important to recognise that you are applying for a new licence and it is not simply a case of returning an application form with the required fee.

    To grant a new licence the CAA must be satisfied that the licence authorisation applied for is sufficient and that where appropriate, the business has adequate resources that meet the published Financial Criteria. Checks on compliance may also need to be made to ensure that websites/other promotional material, booking terms and conditions, agency agreements and sales documentation meet the legal requirements of the ATOL Standard Terms. Links to our compliance requirements can be found at the bottom of this page.

    We will send you a partially completed application form, based on the type of ATOL currently held. This should be checked for the accuracy of the pre-printed information and be amended as appropriate. You must complete the blank sections relating to the breakdown of your turnover, the expected business under the new licence and the declaration page. This should be returned with the required supporting information detailed in the checklist sent with your renewal application form and the relevant fee must be paid, please see the ATOL licence renewal fees summary.

    To complete your application for the purpose of processing we will require (except from Franchise ATOL's) the submission of an Annual Accountants' Report Part 2 from a valid ATOL Reporting Accountant.

    When a complete application has been received we will review this and if there are matters that require clarification we will contact you. The next stage should be the issue of an offer of licence renewal, which may be subject to the provision of further requirements that must be met in full before the current licence expires in order to grant the new licence.

    You should ensure that your complete application is submitted in good enough time to allow the CAA to consider this and for you to provide any further requirements to enable grant of a new licence.

    If a new licence is granted before the current licence expires, the same licence number will be allocated, which will mean that your business can continue to legally transact licensable business without interruption and inconvenience to both you and your customers.

    If a new licence is not granted before the current licence expires, you will be included on a list that the CAA publishes and you cannot legally transact licensable business. This means you would have to immediately cease offering, booking, receiving any payment (including balances for existing bookings), fulfilling licensable business and remove all references to the expired ATOL and the logo. You would also have to make arrangements to make refunds for all existing licensable bookings. The CAA’s policy document: Making arrangements when an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) is not renewed provides further advice.