• Update July 2018 - New Requirements for ATOL Reporting Accountants - Guidance Note 10 published as an appendix to ORS3.

    The ATOL Reporting Accountants' scheme has been developed by the CAA in order to help improve the standard of ATOL reporting and to provide assurance that financial information which is submitted on behalf of ATOL holders is accurate. The scheme is designed to ensure that designated accountants of participating bodies are sufficiently knowledgeable about both the industry and specific requirements of ATOL to provide the required assurance needed by the CAA.

    The scheme will ensure that the professional accountancy bodies provide the appropriate level of continuing professional development (CPD) in order to best equip their members to successfully undertake ATOL work. It also means that professional accountancy bodies will have in place a more professional regime that focuses on the demonstration of competence, helping to reduce overall risks in the market of reporting false or inaccurate financial information by ATOL holders.

    An online ATOL training course has been provided as part of the overall continuing professional development to become an ATOL Reporting Accountant. To register to do this training please email us at CAA.ARAscheme@caa.co.uk with the following details:

    • Name
    • Individual Professional Accountancy Body
    • Member Registration Number

    Guidance Note 10 - Requirements for ATOL Reporting Accountants, is published in Official Record Series 3, as well as the Annual Accountants' Report, which is required to be completed as a term of holding an ATOL.

    An Airline Ticket Agent Report must be completed if requested by the CAA

    List of ATOL Reporting Accountants

    A list of ATOL Reporting Accountants can be found below, we will add more designated ATOL Reporting Accountants to the list as we receive them from the Professional Accountancy Bodies’.

    ATOL Reporting Accountants

    List of CAA approved Professional Accountancy Bodies

    AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians
    ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
    AIA - Association of International Accountants
    ICAEW – Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
    ICAI – Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
    ICAS – Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland
    IFA - Institute of Financial Accountants

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • The ARA Scheme has been set up by the CAA and the professional accountancy bodies under agreement to ensure competent ATOL Reporting.  Accountants will need to be a designated ARA to provide ATOL reporting in future.

    All ATOL reporting needs to be signed by an ARA.

    Only professional accountancy bodies which have signed the agreement with the CAA will be able to designate their members to become an ARA. Seven professional accountancy bodies have signed the agreement, AAT, ACCA, AIA, ICAEW, ICAI, ICAS AND IFA.

    No, the registered auditor does not need to be the ATOL Reporting Accountant. However, it is possible that they may be the same person. Therefore, an ATOL holder can proceed with their current audit arrangements for their financial statements. 

    Accountants will need to apply direct to their professional accountancy body to become an ARA. 

    Therefore, an ATOL holder will need to encourage their accountant to speak to their professional accountancy body direct. The CAA is providing training through an online ATOL training module to assist that process. The only mandatory requirement for an accountant from the CAA is the completion of the online ATOL training module and the accountant will also need to satisfy all the other requirements of the relevant professional accountancy body.

    Your accountant will need to apply using the following email address CAA.ARAScheme@caa.co.uk, providing the following information:

    First name, Surname, Professional Accountancy Body, Registration number with Professional Accountancy Body. They will then receive the login details to do the training for an 'ATOL Reporting Accountant'.

    Yes, once the module has been completed the accountant can print the certificate direct online to provide to their professional accountancy body. The CAA will also provide all results of the training to the relevant professional accountancy bodies direct.

    Each professional accountancy body signed up to the ARA Scheme has provided the CAA with a listing of their designated members. The ATOL Reporting Accountants list is regularly updated.

    No, all accountants applying to become an ARA will need to complete the ATOL training module.