Skies The Limit Ltd - ATOL 9396 has ceased trading on 22nd November 2016.

The company based in Maidenhead traded under the names STL Holidays and sold through an appointed agent Elegant Travel & Tours with the website Elegant Travel & Tours has also ceased trading.

Consumers currently overseas

Flight arrangements

If you are currently overseas on a trip purchased with Skies The Limit Ltd and you hold a schedule e-ticket, the flight remains valid for all portions of your trip and return to the UK. Passengers are advised to check with the Airline as per their existing flight ticket.

Accommodation arrangements

The CAA is speaking to the accommodation providers in order to guarantee no changes to the accommodation portion of the trip for Skies The Limit Ltd's consumers who are currently overseas. It is possible that consumers may be required to pay again for accommodation, or other elements purchased as part of the ATOL protected trip. Consumers who are requested to repay should call the phone number on their ATOL certificate or email providing full booking details. Consumers who are required to repay, should ensure that they retain a clear receipt showing, the method of payment; which will be required in order to submit a claim for reimbursement.

Consumers due to travel

If you booked a package directly with Skies The Limit Ltd and were issued with an ATOL Certificate and confirmation which states 'Package sale', and you hold scheduled tickets the flight may be valid, passengers are advised to check with the Airline, if the airline confirms you have a valid ticket for travel you have two options.

Option 1: if you do not wish to use your flight you can make a claim for a refund for the amount you paid to Skies The Limit Ltd for your ATOL Protected package. Also for passengers with non-valid flights.

Option 2: you can use your flight and if required make a claim for the cost of replacing the other elements included in your original package. i.e. your accommodation, transfers, tours or car hire. However there is a limit to the amount you can claim. For details of your claim entitlements go to ATT Payment Policy.

The other services have not been paid to local suppliers and you will be required to re-arrange and pay for these services again. To avoid any issues in resort, consumers still wishing to travel should confirm all the elements of their booking and agree terms of payment for these in advance of travel with the suppliers.

Consumers who decide to travel can make a claim under ATOL for the costs they incur in replacing the pre-booked elements of their holiday. The replacement items must either match their original booking or be of exactly the same standard, board basis, room type, tour etc, as their original. The consumer's claim in any event cannot exceed the cost of their entire holiday (including flights).

Outstanding Refund

Consumers who have cancelled their booking prior to Skies The Limit Ltd ceased trading and who have not received the refund promised by the company can submit a claim under ATOL and provide all required documentation.

Skies The Limit Ltd Claim Form and Guidance